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NBA Youngboy – “She Want Chanel” [VIDEO]


NBA Youngboy – “She Want Chanel” [VIDEO]

NBA Youngboy goes Urkel in She Want Chanel video

NBA Youngboy may not have been the rapper that people thought would last this long. All the way back in 2015, NBA Youngboy began releasing viral videos. Back then, NBA Youngboy had a lot of momentum behind his music. At the same time, NBA Youngboy did not look like he would become the most popular rapper on YouTube, of all time. Yet, NBA Youngboy has become all of those things, and he is not done yet.

NBA Youngboy came into the game and became a huge fixture. When NBA Youngboy saw his buzz build, several labels lined up to sign him. At the time, Atlantic Records was signing many viral stars to record deals. As a result, NBA Youngboy wound up signing with Atlantic Records. Six years later, NBA Youngboy is fighting for his release. Through his career, NBA Youngboy has learned the business. With this in mind, NBA Youngboy established a label deal with Motown for his Never Broke Again crew.

NBA Youngboy is hard at work and making it happen. Recently, NBA Youngboy has made it known that he is looking to switch labels when his contract is up. To that end, NBA Youngboy is releasing his new album, The Last Slimento, on August 5. With a week to go, NBA Youngboy has returned with some new music. This morning, he dropped the “She Want Chanel” music video. Currently, NBA Youngboy is in album mode.

NBA Youngboy goes Urkel in She Want Chanel video

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