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Ne-Yo – “Don’t Love Me” [VIDEO]


Ne-Yo – “Don’t Love Me” [VIDEO]

Ne-Yo casts Tyler Lepley and Serayah for Don’t Love Me video

Ne-Yo originally emerged during a time when the game was in transition. Signed to Def Jam, Ne-Yo was an R&B artist on a label known for signing rappers. Despite this, Ne-Yo became the biggest R&B artist in the game. The competition was tough, as Ne-Yo debuted the same year as Trey Songz and Chris Brown. In terms of popularity, Ne-Yo would eventually cede his position to his counterparts.

Ne-Yo did something neither of them did, though. In addition to Ne-Yo being a singer, he is also a songwriter. Ne-Yo knows how to create a song, from front to back. This expertise made Ne-Yo a surprise candidate to run Motown Records. In 2012, Ne-Yo took on this position with Motown, and began releasing his music there.

Ne-Yo has kept a low profile since 2018, when he released Good Man. During that run, Ne-Yo spoke to about his work. Since then, Ne-Yo has made headlines after he and Crystal Renay prepared to divorce, but fell back in love, and decided to remarry. All of this has Ne-Yo back in album mode. He returns with “Don’t Love Me,” where he has Tyler Lepley and Serayah starring as lovers.

Ne-Yo casts Tyler Lepley and Serayah for Don’t Love Me video

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