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On The Rise: Big Goldie

On the Rise

On The Rise: Big Goldie

Big Goldie 2By K.B. Tindal
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Straddling the line between working with an artist and being a journalist is a difficult task made for special people. All bias aside, the time has come for more people to get to know about Big Goldie and The Enterprise. Working alongside him over the past year of 2013 was witnessing greatness in the making.

All of this work was put down in order to create Wavy In Da Trap, which was hosted by Droop Pop of the Coke Boys. Debuting strong, Big Goldie had features from some of the artists he has personal ties with and a few bigger names. Everything that went into the mixtape was authentic.

Hip Hop Vibe is going strong with the On The Rise and it returns once again with an appearance from Big Goldie. Late in 2013, Big Goldie is preparing to make his presence in the game felt. Big Goldie dropped his mixtape and it’s doing solid numbers online, but before this he held a conversation with Hip Hop Vibe about his goals.

Read the entire interview below:

So tell the people where we are right now and also tell them what you’re working on. I know you have a mixtape that’s due out soon? Well, we’re at Sose Platinum Studios and we real wavy right now and it smells real good. We finished the mixtape and it actually dropped today. It’s called Wavy In Da Trap and it’s hosted by Droop Pop, that’s my nigga from the Coke Boys.

The mixtape is something like what we smokin’ on, it tastes good, it smells good and it’s gonna be good to your ears. We really paying attention and we really trying to do something with this music right now you know, so we gonna stay real wavy we gon’ work hard and we gonna go get it.

So being from Jersey and being close to New York we know Kendrick Lamar fired off some shots a few weeks back. Did that affect you in any way? Nah. I heard about an ill New York beef, but that don’t concern me and that ain’t got shit to do with what I’m working on over here.

So who do you have featured on Wavy In Da TrapI got a few niggas on there. I got my man Just Tha God. He home, he free and we trying keep him out. I got GP Wavy on there and he not out. He inside. He ain’t home but it’s like he is cause we keeping his name out there. I got Chrome Rome on a couple of joints. I got Jag on there. Shout outs to Jag Just Soprano and the Soprano Wave. I got Droop Pop on there shout out to my Coke Boys niggas. Free Max B, free GP Wavy. You already know. I also got Yatt Da Don on there and I got Lil Pony on there shout out to my girl. Lil Pony, she gave a nigga hella drops on there for “Sock It To You Bitches.”

Tell us about the movements that you affiliated with tell us about The Enterprise and tell us about The Black Soprano Wave and what those movements mean to you? Well, The Enterprise it is something that you know me and my partner, KB, started from scratch and started from the bottom and we worked hard and you know things are starting to take off now and you know we going to continue to do the same thing and The Soprano Wave is just my peoples and we linked up and just started working and making things happen.

Did you feel that any point time that it was important for you to have a Coke Boys collaboration on the mixtape or was that something that happened organically that you didn’t seek out? Yeah, everything I do is organic. It’s like straight drop . No baking soda, not to much Bonita, and it’s bagged up right and the people going to love it! But, the Coke Boys thing yeah definitely, of course those is some of my niggas. So of course niggas going to do fire ass cocaine A-1 music. I mean we got The Enterprise and Lil Pony’s Playhouse. We doing some things .

I know that you spent some years behind that wall in prison. If you can expand on that experience, what kind of mind state do you think you were in 18 months ago as opposed to where you are now? Well eighteen months ago, I still feel like I was wavy. I just didn’t have the wave that I have now. I didn’t have the resources that I got now but I was still going hard so realistically I’m in the same place that I was eighteen months ago. I’m just in a different setting.

So tell the people would you feel you’re bringing to the game with your style of rhyme? Well, I really feel like I don’t have a style. I feel like 0ld Dirty Bastard, like there is no father to my style.

Tell people how to can catch up with you on social networks. I’m about to stop shouting niggas out on those sites because every time I post something real on it you know jokers is hit me back with a message like, “What you doing Thursday night?” but what the fuck does that have to do with what I’m putting out. I put real stuff out there and if people don’t give that back then I’m going to cut niggas off. I’m not gon’ fuck with them niggas but if they looking for me then it’s Real Goldie on Facebook, it’s @realgoldi82 on Twitter, Big Goldie on ReverbNation you know just Google Big Goldie and you’ll know what it is. The Enterprise we outchea workin’ man you already know what it is!

Watch “New Jersey’s Us” by Big Goldie ft. Jus Jag Soprano below:

Photo Credit: Ron Hyman.

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