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On The Rise: Ooggz


On The Rise: Ooggz

OoggzBy Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

Hip hop has taken over the world, in a relatively short period of time, forty two years. Many other cultures have not seen growth like this and the hip hop movement began in The Bronx. Even as new areas have risen to prominence, The Bronx is still producing stars.


Ooggz is an artist from The Bronx who is not waiting on anyone to say it is his time. Instead of waiting on the coveted co-signs, Ooggz is making things happen for himself. This showed on The Sea King EP, his latest project.

Recently, Hip Hop Vibe had the opportunity to speak to Ooggz about his rising success. There is a lot of work Ooggz has put in and he has much more to come. During his On The Rise interview, Ooggz discussed this and much more.

Read the entire interview below:

Because The Bronx is filled with so many legends, do you feel pressure as the latest artist representing the borough? Not at all, I love representing the BX and it’s no pressure to me to show the hip hop community that the Bronx is still producing artists.

Do you find it difficult to make music in this new era, as someone who grew up a fan of the old school? I do especially during the writing process just because I know I don’t sound like the current sound dominating the radio now.

But, I feel that’s more of a mental barrier, because the fact of the matter is if something is fire, it’s fire whether it’s old school or new school.

Can you tell us about some of the new music that you’re working on? Yeah, I guess the biggest thing about my new stuff is my emphasis on growth and self reflection. But what’s interesting is the way I deliver it, sometimes as a party hit or straight bars. There are a lot of variations I try to throw at music fans.

How did you decide upon The Sea King as the title of your new album? It kind of plays of my first EP, Welcome to Neptune. I felt that was an introduction for myself and now I wanted to show growth and I felt The Sea King reflected that.

You recently released your new single, “Ain’t The Same,” do you predict it being a tremendous success? I think it’s hot and it’s one of my favorite tracks. Enough ears hear it, I feel it can do some damage and have people looking for my next release.

When should fans expect the video for the single? I plan on making videos for all my singles in the near future but if this gets more traction than anticipated, I’ll make a video sooner.

Can you let the world know where they can find you on social media? Find me on FB,, SoundCloud for my music releases,, Twitter, @ooggz and IG, @ooggz.neptune, I’m everywhere man.

Watch “Come on Down” by Ooggz ft. Ayanna Williams below:

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