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On The Rise: Qique Fuego


On The Rise: Qique Fuego

Qique Fuego 2By Carlos Cureno
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

In the hip hop world, Houston is one of the most-important cities, as it and Miami were the first cities from the South to emerge. Both cities went on to have an amazing history. Adding to the legacy of Houston is the rising Qique Fuego, who is making his presence felt, massively.

Qique Fuego is a Houston-ite to the fullest and he is building a fanbase worldwide. There is much more to come from Qique Fuego, as he has a self-titled single heating the streets up. He is also building impressive momentum on the internet.

In the latest On The Rise interview edition, Qique Fuego granted Hip Hop Vibe some time into his mind. During the interview, Qique Fuego explained his perspective on both the music industry and the current scope of the world. Dude also knows his NBA stuff.

Read the entire interview below:

Right now, all the talk is the NBA Playoffs and the Houston Rockets. Are you disappointed in how the Rockets did this season? Yes, I am highly disappointed in how the season fared, but there is always next year right. :::Chuckles:::

Do you believe Dwight Howard should leave after this season? Yes, only if he can’t find that magic again (no pun intended), or if he has lost the desire to be in the H. I remember when he first left LA, he was having fun, doing the Superman on ESPN, dancing with old ladies in Aspen, etc.

On the music side, can you tell us more about your self-titled single? When I first heard the track, the lyrics pretty much wrote themselves. Although I wrote it a while ago, I shelved the track, because the concept I had in my head, wasn’t what I was getting on the track. I then teamed up with Producer Grind, and told him the vision, and the rest is history.

Will the rest of your mixtape, Where’s The Smoke, be like this track? There will be a couple of similar tracks, however, I mostly utilized industry beats, to showcase some rhymes and metaphors. The original tracks that are on the mixtape are dope tracks, that don’t really have a place on the upcoming LP

How did you and Cy Fyre join forces? My bro and label mate, Lil Ray (Ray Houston), formed a great relationship with Cy Fyre, when they were both in the Boss Hogg Outlawz camp. Ray linked me in with Cy, and between being from the Caribbean like myself, and having Fyre in his name, Fuego in mine, it was a natural pairing. There will be other smoking tracks from us two, in the near future.

Are there any other big name collaborations you have in store? Yes, on the production side. I have upcoming releases from TM88, Metro Boomin, Beanz N Kornbread, The Prodeuser, Stunt N Dozier, and Cookin Soul, to name a few.

When will the mixtape be released? It will be dropping mid July. We have two more hood singles to push, “Que Pasa,” and “You Mad Huh,” and we will be ready to bless the streets with the release.

In the meantime, where can fans connect with you on social media? I try to simply things were I can. It’s @qiquefuego on Instagram, Soundcloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

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