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On The Rise: Vikki Franks

On the Rise

On The Rise: Vikki Franks

Vikki FranksBy Preemo
Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer

How does Meek Mill say it people? There’s levels to this, but the explicitness is left out for professional purposes. In this particular case, however, there is much more to being a DJ than spinning the record to break an artist, using the media is also a great way to help introduce some new talent.

Vikki Franks is an artist who recently popped up in the good old email inbox and her story is pretty inspiring. An independent artist unafraid to take that jump, she already released one album and she is working on the next. Believe In Time was her debut album and the second one is coming soon.

In the latest edition of On The Rise, the Preemo edition clearly, Vikki Franks is the featured artist. She did a brief interview with Hip Hop Vibe where she explained how long she has been doing this. Spoiler alert, Vikki Franks appeared on an iconic show before she even turned six-years-old.

Read the entire interview below:

What do you believe is the difference between someone who is a good singer and someone who can sing professionally? I very strongly believe that the difference between a good singer and professional singer is the talent is equal. However, the workload is a lot different for the most part when professional artists when brought into the industry, they want and have everything handed to them and may make outlandish demands from the start.

For some artists, this may be the way it is, but it’s not always the case. A good singer may have to prove themselves, but a true to the game good singer puts in work, a lot of blood, sweat. and tears. Hardwork and understanding that it is not only about the paycheck, but about the fans getting their money’s worth out there that. You have to make the fans happy and the good singer understand that without his or her fans, they are nothing and the fans are a key role in their careers.

Even though you grew up around music, how did you end up making the jump to make your own music? I have always song-covered music, but knowing that I wanted to take my music career deeper, I would have to go deeper, so I began to write not just anything but about my life’s experiences. I began putting that down on paper over and over until I could sing what I was writing then came up with the title Believe in Time. I then learned that writing, as well as singing, was also a talent that I had and I did not have to do cover music but could share my own music from my heart through my own music.

As someone who was doing “Showtime at the Apollo” at five years old, did you ever see yourself doing something outside of music? No, not at all, I never thought that I would have recorded a CD. People are talking about my CD with others, “Showtime” was something that I did to say “I have a dream and I’m following it” and it made me understand, as well that there was going to be a lot of hard work ahead of me.

Can you tell us about your first album, Believe In Time and how you felt it did? I feel it is a great CD, it just lacked promotion.

“Take A Chance” is one of the songs you’re pushing now, can you tell us more about that track? “Let’s Take a Chance” is a song I wrote about someone that I was so in love with at the time and who did not understand how to balance commitment, honesty, love, respect, and unity in the relationship and going beyond word you must have actions this song from my heart. I felt millions could relate to, so I began to but it down like felt it.

Are you able to tell us much about the next project you’re working on? My new CD will be underway around the first of the year. I’m working hard on it and I have a lot of hot tracks. Thirteen new songs and remixes, this CD is more about where I’m at today and where I want to be. I feel when this CD is ready, it is going to light up the stage and radio all over the world leaving the fans with something to look forward to when they come to her me live fans are number one and, as artists, we have to make them happy.

As a newer artist still getting established, how important do you feel it is to have the business set from day one? As an artist, we have to learn the business side of the music industry because this is how we eat. So, yes I strongly feel that we need to know and learn that side. This is part of the work we have to put in.

At this juncture in your career, what do you feel is the next step for you? Planning to tour the US, performing in as many cities and states as possible, along with many other artists, just to name some will be coming through Texas, Ohio, Georgia, and Colorado.

In the meantime, what are you doing to occupy your time? In between the shows that I will be doing, I will get in some R&R time. That is a must when I’m not working in the studio or writing, or not on stage. I will find some time to rollerskates, take walks on the beach, and hang out with some of my close friend when I can

Where can we find you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram? Facebook is Vikki Franks and Twitter is @vikkifranks and @vikkigeorgette.

Watch “Sending You A Message” by Vikki Franks below:

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