Patrick Beverley tries to tackle Devin Booker for trash talking D’Angelo Russell | Suns at Timberwolves

Patrick Beverley tries tackling Devin Booker for taunting D’Angelo Russell

This season, the Phoenix Suns have flown under the radar, which is a crazy thing to say. The Suns have the best record in the NBA. On top of that, the Suns went to the NBA Finals last year. For the past two years, the Suns have been one of the NBA’s best teams. Following years of struggling, the Suns got hot during the bubble, winning eight straight games. Playing in the tough West, that wasn’t enough for the playoffs, so they narrowly missed out.

With the NBA season coming to a close, the MVP race is ramping up. While people are talking about the likes of Ja Morant, Joel Embiid, Luka Doncic, Nikola Jokic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, and others, Devin Booker is not coming up in the conversation. This comes in spite of Devin Booker leading the Suns to the NBA’s best record and Chris Paul being out. Devin Booker is making his own case for MVP, given how well he’s been playing on the NBA’s best team.

Last night, Devin Booker led the Phoenix Suns to a comeback win over the Minnesota Timberwolves. As the Suns were putting the Wolves away, Devin Booker dunked on D’Angelo Russell. Feeling it, Devin Booker began shouting at D’Angelo Russell. Wherever Patrick Beverley plays, he is the enforcer of the team. He saw what Devin Booker did and heard what he said, so Patrick Beverley took matters into his own hands. Patrick Beverley ran Booker down and tried to tackle him.

Patrick Beverley tries tackling Devin Booker for taunting D’Angelo Russell

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