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Payroll Giovanni – “Real Work” [VIDEO]


Payroll Giovanni – “Real Work” [VIDEO]

Payroll Giovanni does Real Work in new video

Much attention is being given to Detroit rappers, but not because of favoritism. Instead of all of the politics, Detroit rappers are forcing the world to pay attention to them. Payroll Giovanni is one of these rappers who has forced people to focus on him. He has been doing viral numbers and has had major label attention for a few years.

Payroll Giovanni actually signed with Jeezy, a few years ago. He was a part of Doughboyz Cashout and they joined CTE, when Jeezy was working to expand the label. After a couple of years on the label, he made the decision to depart. Already, he had buzz as a solo artist and he is now working to expand on that.

Earlier this week, Payroll Giovanni returned with new work for the people. While it’s new work, Payroll calls it “Real Work.” This is actually his latest single and he has major momentum behind this record and it’s continuing to grow. Payroll Giovanni was one of the first rappers to shift the attention back to what’s going on in Detroit. Now, there’s a whole scene getting attention.

Payroll Giovanni does Real Work in new video

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