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Peezy – “Long Live Crumbs” [VIDEO]


Peezy – “Long Live Crumbs” [VIDEO]

Peezy honors his friend with Long Live Crumbs video

The city of Detroit is booming, when it comes to the hip hop music, right now. But, Detroit played a pivotal role in the era just before hip hop. R&B and soul music didn’t originate in Detroit, but Motown did. Berry Gordy was a Detroit native who saw more than working at the factories. Ultimately, Motown would release music from the likes of Marvin Gaye and The Jackson 5. Michael Jackson’s earliest music was released on Motown.

Detroit, as a city, is a shell of its former self, but the talent remains. The city of Detroit still loves music and Detroiters still make music. It’s only right for Detroit to have a high number of rappers on the verge of blowing up. Peezy is one of the numerous Detroit rappers making moves, right now. Almost all of the Detroit rappers are hot, right now. All of them have the potential to be the rapper to define the next decade. Which ones become that is totally up to them.

Peezy believes he can control the game and his work backs that up. It’s not just about him, it’s also about those who love him. Along the way, Peezy’s lost a few, and he honored one of his fallen angels with “Long Live Crumbs,” offering the song and video.

Peezy honors his friend with Long Live Crumbs video

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