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Polo G – “Distraction” [VIDEO]


Polo G – “Distraction” [VIDEO]

Polo G revisits his arrest in Distraction video

Polo G is easily one of the most promising rappers. Three years ago, Polo G was a part of the 2019 crop of rappers who took over. At the time, Polo G was overlooked in favor of those who had splashier debuts. As a result, Polo G did not really begin to shine until 2020. When the world was locked down, Polo G established himself as a star.

Polo G topped the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021. Since then, Polo G has been considered the biggest star of this current generation. Overall, Polo G is definitely one of the top ten most popular rappers in the game. Recently, Polo G delivered new music for the people. It is going on a year since Polo G released a full new project. However, Polo G has delivered a new video for the fans.

Polo G released “Distraction” as his first single release of 2022. Exactly what Polo G has planned for “Distraction” is unclear. However, Polo G is coming up on a year since he last released a project. It is highly likely Polo G has another one in store. Ahead of that release, Polo G has returned with the “Distraction” visual.

Polo G revisits his arrest in Distraction video

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