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PM FRVR – “Weather” | HHV Exclusive Premiere [VIDEO]


PM FRVR – “Weather” | HHV Exclusive Premiere [VIDEO]

PM FRVR releases visual for Weather exclusively on Hip-HopVibe

Get acquainted to Atlanta’s promising and toxic heartbreak kid PM FRVR. He shares dexterous visuals of his lead single “Weather” off his forthcoming Long Story Short LP debuting later this year. is exclusively premiering “Weather”

Following the release of the audio track in mid-April, talented rapper PM FRVR is back. This time, he officially unveils the “Weather” motion picture. If “Weather” is an indication of his May-slated LP, fans can expect nothing short of enthralling street tales over melancholic trap bellows. Speaking to Remixd Mag, Play Maker Forever, stylized as PM FRVR revealed he forewent his own hooping dreams to concentrate on his music pursuits.

“I used to hoop, but I stopped. I got in trouble in high school, got kicked off the basketball team, but I always loved music” he narrates. He goes on to emphasize his “album preference” over singles.

“I’m an album guy” he notes cheekily. PM FRVR born Dejon Birdsong, draws his inspiration from day to day life using music as a tool to relate to others.

“I just want to tell the listener things I’ve been going through, the last couple years, my views, my likes, and who I am as a person/artist” he dissects. “Living life and getting inspired by every encounter of life keeps me creative”.

Even as he pours and relays his harsh realities on wax, brace yourself to take on tales of the streets shrouded in relationship drama, personal ambitions, and the interpersonal conflict that comes with battling distractions on the way to one’s own goals.

Without giving too much on the album, features may include Landstrip Chip among other complementary acts.

In one of the most cinematic visuals of the year, PM FRVR shows his eye for great visuals through this project. If you’ve watched the film “Belly”, the opening scenes featuring “Tommy” as DMX with the moody blue aesthetic are evident.

We see PM FRVR play protagonist. He is bullish, gangster, and might be going for the Oscars with this motion picture.

From the performative scenes, to the acting ones, the cohesion is pragmatic.

“I put this song out because it sounded the most marketable. The melodic vibe and the structure. It was one of my first songs that I fell in love with. I had beef with someone… this man didn’t understand that I would change the weather on him aka shoot something up. that’s where my mind was at the time. But when you hear it you think I’m changing the weather forreal… but if you listen closely, you’ll know,” PM FRVR says.

PM FRVR releases visual for Weather exclusively on Hip-HopVibe

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