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“Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” (Season 2, Episode 9 preview) #LHHFamReunion [VIDEO]

Preview for Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion Season 2 Episode 9

Aside from Erica and Safaree, and Erica and Cyn, the “Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion” was peaceful. There was a scene between Marcus and Booby explaining how they ended their beef. Meanwhile, Erica put aside her differences with Jonathan and Bobby Lytes. However, they have had friction with Zell Swag over their preferences, and how they present themselves.

All of the existing tension was held together, initially. But, when Jonathan sat the cast down to speak on gay issues, tensions came to a head. Peter Gunz gave Jonathan his support. When he did, Amina Buddafly called him out. She said he wouldn’t let his son dress as a ladybug. This led to Peter Gunz going off on Amina and a huge fight.

From the look of the previews, these tensions carry over into next week. It looks like Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly fight like it’s 2013, next week. Aside from this, Safaree and Cisco finally come to actual blows. As if that wasn’t enough, Safaree gets dissed by Erica Mena, when she freestyled with Peter. There’s lots of drama to unpack in next week’s episode.

Preview for Love & Hip Hop Family Reunion Season 2 Episode 9

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