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Pusha T – “Call My Bluff” [VIDEO]


Pusha T – “Call My Bluff” [VIDEO]

Pusha T returns with the Call My Bluff music video

Pusha T released his new album, It’s Almost Dry, and he has faced a ton of criticism. While Pusha T is a talented rapper, some people are tired of him rapping about the same things. However, Pusha T also has a lot of people defending his rap subjects. Meanwhile, Pusha T has also dealt with fans criticizing his beat selections on his new album.

Pusha T is a twenty year veteran in the game. Through these twenty years, Pusha T has done almost everything a rapper can do. Though Pusha T does not receive credit for it, he came up with McDonald’s famous tagline, “I’m lovin’ it.” When Pusha T did his latest work with Arby’s, he made sure he would receive credits and checks for his efforts.

Pusha T made sure to put a ton of music on his latest album. Among Pusha T’s singles is “Call My Bluff,” which he released today. This afternoon, Pusha T came with some new visuals for the people. With Pusha T already treating “Call My Bluff” as a single, he delivered the video.

Pusha T returns with the Call My Bluff music video

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