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R & B Singer Jilly Anais Releases Music Video for “THROWBACK”


R & B Singer Jilly Anais Releases Music Video for “THROWBACK”

With the growth of her singles and her consistency Jilly recently toured in LA with DaniLeigh and has recently released her latest visual for her single “THROWBACK”. This R &B sensation has so much more hits to ditch out but for now check out Jilly’s way of channeling her inner P-Valley.

Stunning singer and dancer Jilly joined DaniLeigh at the NOVO in Los Angeles during her 4 Velour tour AND officially released her much-anticipated “THROWBACK”. “THROWBACK” promises to blow the minds of awaiting fans with the captivating sound and look that Jilly is known and loved for, along with something new…a gorgeous pole routine that looks like something straight out of a dream! As the Houston native explained in a recent interview about the video, “I channeled my inner H town dancer as well as P Valley. I want people to just be captivated! My ‘THROWBACK’ video is all about a dream, and I want everyone to be able to live in that dream when they watch it.”

Despite only being in her twenties, Jilly is used to having all eyes on her. “The most challenging part of my career has just been understanding that it’s always God’s timing! I’ve been at this for over a decade and if we’re being technical, I’ve been at this since I was 2 years old. With that said, I’m just going to keep on going because it’s the only dream and vision I’ve ever had so I know that means soon enough the rest of the world will finally know Jilly is here to stay,” explains the passionate rising star.

Watch the “THROWBACK” video !

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