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RaleTdup – “Soul Bleed” [VIDEO]

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RaleTdup – “Soul Bleed” [VIDEO]

RaleTdup does viral numbers with Soul Bleed video

RaleTdup is a rapper that is out here doing, instead of trying. While many people make claims that they want success, few are willing to take that risk. RaleTdup is a person that is taking risks, therefore he is getting rewards. Being from Manassas, Virginia, RaleTdup’s hometown is not a place that is particularly known for its rap music scene. This is what makes RaleTdup a pioneer, as he joins a handful of other rappers to have gained success from his town.

RaleTdup is working to add to the legacy already built by Manassas’ more established stars. A competitor, RaleTdup also wants to exceed what the other guys have done. Last year, RaleTdup made a major decision about his career. RaleTdup decided he was going to go all in with the music and before 2021 ended, he began doing viral numbers. During the first half of 2022, RaleTdup kept his run of success going.

RaleTdup released his single, “Soul Bleed,” back in March. Since then, RaleTdup has been out promoting his song. What separates RaleTdup from the typical IG rapper is his willingness to actually work his records. While the other rappers are showing off cash they may or may not have, RaleTdup is pushing his music, and “Soul Bleed” is up 130,000 views since March. For his efforts, RaleTdup has gotten major looks from Fat Joe and The Game.

RaleTdup does viral numbers with Soul Bleed video

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