Reggie Jackson cries, as the Pelicans eliminate the Clippers from the playoffs | Pelicans at Clippers #NBAPlayIn [VIDEO]

Reggie Jackson cried as the Clippers lost the play-in to the Pelicans

Reggie Jackson is the one constant, for the Los Angeles Clippers. Jackson, ironically, began his career playing for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Reggie Jackson played for the Thunder when they eliminated the Clippers in the 2014 playoffs. Jackson later spent five years with the Detroit Pistons, where they normally didn’t make much noise, aside from playoff sweeps in 2016 and 2019.

Reggie Jackson joined the Los Angeles Clippers to join a supporting cast surrounding Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. Already, the Clippers disappointed in the bubble, blowing a 3-1 second round playoff lead to the Nuggets in the second round. Retooled, the Clippers expected to contend in 2021, but fell behind the Jazz, Suns, and Nuggets.

Reggie Jackson came up big in the 2021 playoffs, where Kawhi Leonard was finally available. Jackson helped lead the Clippers to an upset over the Jazz to make their first Conference Finals. There, the Clippers were eliminated by Chris Paul and Devin Booker’s Suns. This year, the Clippers sustained injuries, forcing Jackson to lead the team. Jackson got them to 42-40 and the play-in, where they lost to the Timberwolves for the seventh seed.

Paul George was ruled out for the game against the Pelicans. Still, the Clippers played them tough. It wasn’t enough, as the Pelicans came from behind to beat the Clippers. Reggie Jackson broke down in tears, as his team lost.

Reggie Jackson cried as the Clippers lost the play-in to the Pelicans