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Rod Wave – “Stone Rolling” [VIDEO]


Rod Wave – “Stone Rolling” [VIDEO]

Rod Wave ends hiatus with Stone Rolling video

Rod Wave went on a run, towards the end of 2020. During that time, Rod Wave established himself as one of the most popular rappers in the game. To that end, Rod Wave not only has a huge core fan base, but he also added many casual fans. However, Rod Wave took a hiatus like so many rappers before him. There are a large number of rappers who achieve levels of fame and then take some time off.

Rod Wave definitely has had the game on lock. Not only do the people quote Rod Wave’s music, but they also quote his social media posts. This is evidence that Rod Wave is having a positive impact on the culture. As a result, Rod Wave is building a cult like following. Such a following has the potential to carry Rod Wave into the conversation of the all time greats.

Rod Wave made his fans wait for his most recent release. Clearly, the fans missed Rod Wave, as there were many people posting that they wanted him to drop new music. Those fans’ requests did not go unheard, as Rod Wave came back this week. With his single, “Stone Rolling,” Rod Wave has another hit on his hands. As Rod Wave delivers the video, he also announced his new album, Beautiful Mind.

Rod Wave ends hiatus with Stone Rolling video

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