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Rowdy Rebel – “Rowdy vs. Rebel” [VIDEO]


Rowdy Rebel – “Rowdy vs. Rebel” [VIDEO]

Rowdy Rebel battles internally in Rowdy vs Rebel video

Everybody is dealing with some kind of internal battle. Rowdy Rebel is different, because he’s sharing his with the world. Eight years ago, Rowdy Rebel was a part of a movement that has forever changed hip hop. Rowdy Rebel wasn’t the leader of the movement, but he ended up being the one to hold it down for the crew. As a result, Rowdy Rebel has become a star in his own right.

Rowdy Rebel was released from prison in 2020 and he returned to a different game. It was 2014, when Rowdy Rebel and his crew took over the game. At the time, they were heavily criticized for not sounding like “real” New York rappers. Now, one of the biggest rappers in the game is a Brooklyn drill artist, and he has Kanye West on his new single.

While Rowdy Rebel doesn’t have high profile collaborations, he has a high profile. All Rowdy Rebel can do is be himself. By being himself, Rowdy Rebel is being every version of himself. That was the premise, when Rowdy Rebel dropped the “Rowdy vs. Rebel” music video. Rowdy Rebel is battling himself, on this single, and the video premiered on a Times Square billboard.

Rowdy Rebel battles internally in Rowdy vs Rebel video

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