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Ryan Trey – “Slide” [VIDEO]


Ryan Trey – “Slide” [VIDEO]

Ryan Trey hits the club in Slide music video

Representing St. Louis, Ryan Trey comes from a city that produced two major hip hop stars. Aside from that, St. Louis is home to a couple of one-hit-wonders. Then, there are a ton of other artists who didn’t quite make the cut. There is a lot of room for error, on the St. Louis scene, and Ryan Trey is making sure he makes the right moves.

A rap singer, Ryan Trey is reminiscent of the man who put the city on the map. The majors have been paying attention, as Trey is signed to Interscope, via #JUSTAREGULARDAY. There is a lot this young man has going on. He is currently riding the success of his A 64 East Saga and he’s got a lot more he is pushing for.

Ryan Trey is a rising star, outside of music, too. Recently, Reebok launched a collaboration with BAPE. They included Ryan Trey, alongside Bryson Tiller and Nia Sultana. Already, people are getting familiar with his face, whether they realize it or not. But, making sure the people keep seeing him, Ryan Trey dropped the video for his single, “Slide.”

Ryan Trey hits the club in Slide music video

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