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Sentury – “Be Over” [VIDEO]


Sentury – “Be Over” [VIDEO]

Sentury brings boybands back to life with Be Over video

When people mention the things music no longer offers, R&B boybands are often overlooked. The R&B groups have all but dried up over the past twenty years. Only the older groups are the ones who return with new music. Sentury isn’t the only R&B boyband, in this new era, but they are the first ones to reach these levels of success.

Music, as a whole, has gone through numerous changes over the years. As much as things have changed, they are coming back around. Sentury represents the changes and how things are beginning to change back. The group, Sentury, is making a lot of noise right now and they have made their debut just this week.

Sentury is having a lot of success right now and they have proper backing. Currently, Sentury is providing something that the game doesn’t have. As a result, Sentury is getting looks that other acts aren’t getting. Sentury is a quartet consisting of CJ, Leo, AJ, and Rico. CJ, Leo, AJ, and Rico have released “Be Over” as their debut single, and the visual is out.

Sentury brings boybands back to life with Be Over video

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