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Signed XO drops off his latest track, “D.R Flows”

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Signed XO drops off his latest track, “D.R Flows”

Signed XO releases DR Flows music video

Signed XO has always been regarded as an artist with a catchy flow and a melodic hook. As a result, his tracks bring a unique vibe and help fans become more hopeful, as they move to the rhythm. Looking back at his success with incredible features and records, there is no debate that this artist will one day be counted among legends.

While Signed XO has primarily focused on establishing his career through amazing features, he is now branching towards releasing singles. His latest track, “D.R Flows,” shows a glimpse of his talent. In addition, he amazes his fans with an energetic rhythm.  

Furthermore, Signed XO has always been big on traveling and exploring himself to bring the real truth to the fans. He believes in being transparent and basing his music on facts. With a complete catalog of singles and new projects in reserve, listeners can expect a dominant presence by Signed XO this year. 

Signed XO believes in doing his part for society using music as an outlet. In his own words, “My music helps get people through bad days. My music helps a good day become even better. My music has lessons in it.” He adds, “I’m passionate about it because I’m a very quiet person so music is my outlet to talk and get everything off my chest because I hold most of it in.”

Signed XO releases DR Flows music video

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