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Slegdren, Wiz Khalifa, and Larry June – “Chill With Me” [VIDEO]


Slegdren, Wiz Khalifa, and Larry June – “Chill With Me” [VIDEO]

Taylor Gang unites for Chill With Me video

Ten years ago, Wiz Khalifa began making serious moves for his Taylor Gang label. The Pittsburgh rapper established the company when he was still dropping street albums. But, in 2010, Wiz signed with Atlantic Records, and he ended up having the biggest song in the nation. This momentum propelled Wiz to being one of the biggest rising artists in the game. During the year of 2011, his buzz made him hot, and he would add Juicy J to the label, later promoting him to the head of A&R.

Wiz Khalifa was different from the other artists that gained prominence, in 2010-2011. The biggest difference is that Wiz actually topped Billboard, whereas the others only had top five and ten hits, but a little more consistent. However, Wiz Khalifa would return to the top of the charts, in 2015, when he was recruited to do “See You Again,” with Charlie Puth. The song was created in honor of Paul Walker, who died in 2013.

Recent years have seen Wiz Khalifa dropping music more infrequently. Instead, he is focused on fitness and wellness. But, he drops enough music to keep his name out there. Wiz linked with Slegdren and Larry June for “Chill With Me,” dropping the video.

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