SNS – “Drippin” [VIDEO]

SNS puts up viral numbers with Drippin music video

In Harlem, SNS is a rapper that is making a huge impact on the game. Over the past few years, SNS has made some major moves. Through the years, he’s made major strides to become one of the power forces in NYC. A few years ago, he actually freestyled for Sway, on “Sway In The Morning.” That was huge for him and his movement.

SNS wasn’t finished when he made it onto Shade 45. This added to his legacy and he is leader of the Icy Gang movement. Making moves, in the rap game, it’s important to have a movement. Years ago, a crew was all that was necessary. Now, it takes so much more, and an entire movement is what captures the attention of the people.

Recently, SNS has been making some big moves. SNS’s single, “Drippin,” was recently played on Hot 97. The single, “Drippin,” dropped back in October, and has been doing some major numbers. As the single is growing, he is proving he is one of the most-popular rising artists emerging from the greater NYC rap scene, right now.

SNS puts up viral numbers with Drippin music video

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