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Soulja Boy – “Double Cup Wocky” [VIDEO]


Soulja Boy – “Double Cup Wocky” [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy returns with Double Cup Wocky music video

Often misunderstood, Soulja Boy is one of the most unique rappers in history. When he began his career, Soulja Boy was setting trends. What was impressive by this is how Soulja Boy emerged during the Hip Hop Is Dead era. Many hip hop critics outright blamed Soulja Boy for the “death” of hip hop. The emergence of “ringtone rap” was the basis of many hip hop blogs. Soulja Boy became a millionaire off those mixtapes.

Critics wrote Soulja Boy off as a one hit wonder, but he was far from it. Instead, Soulja Boy went on a run that ran from 2007 until 2010. Since 2010, Soulja Boy has released music independently, opting to do mixtapes instead of albums. By 2012, Soulja Boy got himself out of his major label contract, and now he owns all of his work. People are now just beginning to give Soulja Boy credit for the innovator that he’s been from the start.

In 2021, Soulja Boy released a ton of music on a near daily basis. Not all of this music was just for his albums and mixtapes. Soulja Boy had a lot of products that he was working on, including a video game console. He used his music to promote his businesses and Soulja Boy says he has made millions off of it. Returning with his music, Soulja Boy released “Double Cup Wocky” to much fanfare. Now, Soulja Boy has returned with the official music video.

Soulja Boy returns with Double Cup Wocky music video

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