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Soulja Boy – “Euphoria” [VIDEO]


Soulja Boy – “Euphoria” [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy continues releasing new videos with Euphoria

Making music has never been a problem for Soulja Boy. Long before Soulja Boy was Big Draco, he kept music out. When Soulja Boy debuted, in 2007, pundits wrote him off as a one hit wonder. What critics overlooked is that Soulja Boy will work the most talented rapper under a table. Add to that, Soulja Boy has proven he actually can rap. Soulja Boy showed his lyrical abilities, when he collaborated with Snoop Dogg on “Pronto.”

Soulja Boy made a lot of noise in 2021, when he began feuding with Kanye West. For the most part, Soulja Boy’s feud with Kanye West was one sided. On Twitter, Soulja Boy accused Kanye West of asking him to work on Donda and not using his verse. Soulja Boy said this also happened with “RoboCop,” in 2008, but he stayed silent. When Kanye West went on “Drink Champs,” he laughed and asked if they heard Soulja Boy’s verse. That made Soulja Boy much angrier.

Once Kanye West apologized to Soulja Boy, the beef was over. Soulja Boy has since become Kanye West’s biggest defender, dissing Pete Davidson on his behalf. A lot of what Soulja Boy does draws attention to himself. In addition to the music, Soulja Boy has products he is releasing to the public. When it comes to the music, Soulja Boy is back to releasing singles daily. Soulja Boy recently returned with “Euphoria,” dropping the video for the single.

Soulja Boy continues releasing new videos with Euphoria

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