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Soulja Boy – “Whip It Up” [VIDEO]


Soulja Boy – “Whip It Up” [VIDEO]

Soulja Boy shows off cash and says he did it first in Whip It Up video

Soulja Boy honestly does not get the credit he deserves. When Soulja Boy first came out, many said he was a rapper who was killing hip hop. However, Soulja Boy was actively changing the game. While there were rappers putting music out online, Soulja Boy was the first one to exclusively do it. Soulja Boy used iTunes at a time when it was only for established artists. Since then, many artists have followed that blueprint.

Soulja Boy even impacted how songs are structured. While Soulja Boy gets written off, people downplay his hits. Many act like “Crank Dat” wasn’t a massive hit that topped Billboard. Furthermore, Soulja Boy’s songs like “Soulja Girl” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” didn’t prove he could make different kinds of hits. Then, when it comes to the business, Soulja Boy has been really impactful. However, Soulja Boy had to contend with Drake borrowing his song structures, and getting praise for it.

Soulja Boy began taking credit for everything last year. After Soulja Boy began saying he was “the first to do” this and that, he became a meme. But Soulja Boy was really first on a lot of things, including the first to co-sign the likes of Drake and Tyga. Last year, Soulja Boy just did more for himself. In 2022, Soulja Boy is doing more of the same. Recently, Soulja Boy dropped “Whip It Up” as his new single, and recently returned with the visual.

Soulja Boy shows off cash and says he did it first in Whip It Up video

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