Stephen Curry officially becomes the top NBA shooter of all-time [VIDEO]

Stephen Curry made a name for himself, with three-pointers, early in his career. In 2008, he led Davidson College on a Cinderalla run. During March Madness, he led them to the Elite Eight. Curry made his bones of the three pointers. This is when he earned the “babyfaced assassin” nickname.

Because of the buzz, many predicted Stephen Curry to declare for the NBA Draft. Instead, he opted to play another year at Davidson. In 2009, he declared, and was drafted by the Golden State Warriors. Presently, the Warriors are known for the championships and Finals appearances.

Drafting Stephen Curry led to a change in the Warriors’ organization. The Warriors only made the playoffs once, in fifteen years, prior to Curry’s arrival. Since 2013, they’ve made the postseason eight times, and the playoffs seven times. This season, they have returned to the top of the NBA.

Last night, the Warriors faced the Knicks. After a bit of a wait, Stephen Curry passed Ray Allen, making the most three-pointers, of an individual player, in NBA history. Early in the game, Steph did that, and it was a huge moment. Also, quick sidenote, the Warriors beat the Knicks, 105-96, making their record 23-5, the best in the NBA.