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Taylor J ft. Bandz Up Dip – “Garlic Butter” [VIDEO]


Taylor J ft. Bandz Up Dip – “Garlic Butter” [VIDEO]

Taylor J cruises through Saint Paul in Garlic Butter video

The Twin Cities of Minnesota produced one of the biggest names in the history of music. Prince Rogers Nelson hails from the Twin Cities. However, when it comes to the rap game, there aren’t many names that come to mind. There is one, though, Taylor J, and he’s been putting on for the city for quite some time.

Taylor J has kept a low profile, over the past few years. Taking this step back has allowed Taylor J to reapproach the game from a different perspective. These past few years have seen a lot change in the game. Primarily, the stars who are on top of the game have changed. Many of the other stars still make hits, but the game’s leaders have clearly changed places. This is where Taylor J sees a place for himself.

Recently, Taylor J returned to unleash new music for the people. The Saint Paul rapper launched his return in the form of his “Garlic Butter” single. Taylor J has done more than most rappers from either of the Twin Cities, and he has more to do. In the “Garlic Butter” music video, Taylor J drives through the city of Saint Paul.

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