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Tee Grizzley – “Afterlife” [VIDEO]


Tee Grizzley – “Afterlife” [VIDEO]

Tee Grizzley returns with Afterlife music video

Back in 2017, Tee Grizzley took the game by storm. When Tee Grizzley released “First Day Out,” he gained an unexpected fan. During the time the song was going viral, LeBron James was still playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team was struggling and LeBron hit the gym playing a then-unknown Tee Grizzley’s single. This led to the #LeBronJamesChallenge, which made Tee Grizzley into a star.

Tee Grizzley kept himself focused on the bigger goals, though. While Tee Grizzley was happy about the LeBron James co-sign, this was the beginning and not the goal. Coming up in the streets of Detroit, Tee Grizzley imagined a better life for himself. So, he’s kept delivering his music, and Tee Grizzley now is enjoying this better life.

Currently, Tee Grizzley is considered a popular rapper in the game. Of course, Tee Grizzley wasn’t always considered this. Back in Detroit, Tee Grizzley was a man with a dream. Before that, Tee Grizzley was a man living a nightmare. Tee Grizzley is now a man living that dream, almost like he died and went to heaven. He dropped his single, “Afterlife,” where he laments his choices. Tee Grizzley also has the music video out.

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