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The Weeknd – “Out of Time” [VIDEO]


The Weeknd – “Out of Time” [VIDEO]

The Weeknd features Jim Carrey and HoYeon Jung in Out of Time video

When The Weeknd began working on Dawn FM, he was determined to make a classic. According to the fans, The Weeknd has done just that. The Weeknd has become one of the most accomplished names in music. Over the years, The Weeknd has had plenty of classic music, and even more classic moments, deemed unforgettable.

The Weeknd is one of the artists responsible for the music scene in Toronto being so prominent. A year after Drake made his debut, The Weeknd made his. Both The Weeknd and Drake ended up dominating the game, just in different ways. In 2011, Drake joined forces with The Weeknd, recruiting him for his hit single, “Crew Love.” Almost eleven years have passed and Drake and The Weeknd keep breaking records.

Currently, The Weeknd is enjoying the success of Dawn FM. This morning, The Weeknd released “Out of Time” as the latest Dawn FM single. Releasing the music video, The Weeknd went all out for the visuals. The Weeknd not only has Jim Carrey on the track, he has him in the video. In addition to Jim Carrey, The Weeknd also has HoYeon Jung from “Squid Games” in the video.

The Weeknd features Jim Carrey and HoYeon Jung in Out of Time video

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