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Toosii – “Secrets” [VIDEO]


Toosii – “Secrets” [VIDEO]

Toosii is still from the gutter but reps in Secrets video

Toosii was a part of the 2019-2020 explosion of new artists. What helped Toosii become a household name was Drake doing the “Toosie Slide.” Two years ago, Drake had the biggest song of the spring. The song was dedicated to Toosii’s dance. While Toosii saw a boost in his career, his rise meant something much more.

Toosii spent time in New York, but he also spent time in Raleigh. While North Carolina is a place many rappers tour, few have actually represented the state. However, the past three decades have seen some Carolinas-based hip hop artists gain fame. The year of 2011 was huge, but the year of 2019 saw the gateways open. In 2020, Toosii became the first rapper from Raleigh to emerge.

Toosii is one of the most popular rappers in the game. The whole auto-tune melodies, while delivering gritty lyrics, is what Toosii has mastered. Recently, Toosii returned with his single, “Secrets.” Delivering the “Secrets” single, Toosii returned with the video for it. On the song, Toosii is battling living his street life, while also trying to have his love life.

Toosii is still from the gutter but reps in Secrets video

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