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Tory Lanez – “Mucky James” [VIDEO]


Tory Lanez – “Mucky James” [VIDEO]

Tory Lanez gets real about life pressures on Mucky James video

Regardless of a person’s level of success, it gets hard. Tory Lanez came out of the gate, on his new single, and explained that. Often, people are told to never give up on their dreams. But Tory Lanez is living the reality that dreams can become nightmares. While that is a part of the process, sometimes it can lead to defeat. With Tory Lanez’ new single, he grapples with that reality.

On the outside looking in, Tory Lanez has it all. Honestly, Tory Lanez has a lot to be proud of, seeing how far he’s come. A lot of people have dreams of making music and a lot of them still dream about it. When Tory Lanez began recording music, he defied the odds. After Tory Lanez’ music began to generate interest, he defied even bigger odds. As a popular international artist, Tory Lanez has done a lot.

Tory Lanez is one of the most consistent artists in music. Even before Fargo Friday, Tory Lanez was always keeping new music out. The Toronto rapper believes in always giving his fans new music, even when things aren’t going well. On Tory Lanez’ new single, “Mucky James,” he turned his music into therapy, and he began to vent about the pressures of his life. Above all, Tory Lanez voiced how he intends to keep overcoming it, defying the odds once again.

Tory Lanez gets real about life pressures on Mucky James video

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