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Vince Staples – “Rose Street” [VIDEO]


Vince Staples – “Rose Street” [VIDEO]

Vince Staples releases Rose Street music video from new album

Nearly a decade ago, Vince Staples debuted to the masses. Vince Staples was the biggest rapper to debut from Long Beach since Snoop Dogg. Due to Long Beach being in Los Angeles County, those guys are considered Los Angeles rappers. But there is a major difference between the City of Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Whatever the case, Vince Staples represents for all of it.

Vince Staples made his debut in 2013. It was immediately announced that Vince Staples was signed to Def Jam. Two years later, Vince Staples dropped his debut album. As he grew, Vince Staples built a cult following. This dedicated fan base has seen Vince Staples switch labels. Vince Staples is no longer signed to Def Jam, he is now signed with Motown Records.

Currently, Vince Staples is preparing the release of Ramona Park Broke My Heart. Vince Staples will release this new album on April 8. Vince Staples has returned with the release of another single ahead of the album release. This morning, Vince Staples released “Rose Street” as a single, and he also dropped the music video.

Vince Staples releases Rose Street music video from new album

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