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WATCH NOW: Empowerment Anthem “OWN” From The Bobby Effect


WATCH NOW: Empowerment Anthem “OWN” From The Bobby Effect

The Bobby Effect earned moniker “the trill goddess” for her blend of hood sensibility and enlightenment, and in her new video “Own” from latest album E11EVEN, that layered identity is in full effect as she spits fire about the confidence that’s taken her to new heights.

Know I’m bout to cop it I don’t care what that shit cost/ Ain’t no mountain high enough big up Diana Ross/ Know my pockets fatter than the old Rick Ross/ Wrist shine hard you can turn the lights off

With a voice and beat that sounds like a marriage between Odd Future and Nicki Minaj, The Bobby Effect makes a big statement with “Own.” The multiple Bobbys playing guest AND bellman in the hotel scenes speak to her commitment to have her own back, while the pink visuals and fluffy bunnies speak to her femininity. “Own” is about empowering all women to be the strong and complex people that they are. Click here to listen to “Own” and the rest of E11EVEN by The Bobby Effect

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