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Wiz Khalifa – “Iced Out Necklace” [VIDEO]


Wiz Khalifa – “Iced Out Necklace” [VIDEO]

Wiz Khalifa takes a break from beef to drop Iced Out Necklace video

Back in 2010, several artists rose to prominence, marking the end of the previous era. Wiz Khalifa was among the artists who took over during this span of time. What separated Wiz Khalifa from the others is that he didn’t have a connection to the other artists. Also, Wiz Khalifa did something out of the gate that none of them did. With “Black & Yellow,” Wiz Khalifa was the first artist from that 2010-2011 crop to top the Billboard Hot 100.

Wiz Khalifa proved he was more than the typical one hit wonder. Instead of Wiz Khalifa signing with Maybach Music, he formed his own partnership with Atlantic Records. Wiz Khalifa turned Taylor Gang into a force, signing Juicy J and Ty Dolla $ign. In 2012, Juicy J took over the game with “Bands A Make Her Dance,” adding 2 Chainz and Lil Wayne to the remix. Along with that, Wiz Khalifa named Juicy J the president of Taylor Gang.

In recent years, Wiz Khalifa has seen his music not reach as widely as it once did. Wiz Khalifa has reinvented himself, like most of the other rappers have. Comparable to them, Wiz Khalifa turned to Instagram. However, Wiz Khalifa isn’t offering commentary or antics. Instead, Wiz Khalifa is the fitness guru, which is what led to the issues with Gillie Da King. Back to the music, Wiz Khalifa returned with “Iced Out Necklace,” his latest single.

Wiz Khalifa takes a break from beef to drop Iced Out Necklace video

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