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Yella Beezy – “Who Do” [VIDEO]


Yella Beezy – “Who Do” [VIDEO]

Yella Beezy battles with love in Who Do video

In Dallas, Yella Beezy went on a run and became the most recognized rapper from the city. Four years ago, Yella Beezy got it done with his “That’s On Me” single. Unlike most rappers who break through, Yella Beezy did it all as an independent artist. After reaching those commercial heights, Yella Beezy took a well-deserved break from the game.

Yella Beezy has made a lot of noise with his music. Representing the city of Dallas, Yella Beezy ended up clashing with Mo3, before his untimely death. Before Yella Beezy went on his run, Mo3 was the rapper from the city that was blowing up. This is a position that is now solely held by Yella Beezy and he is trying to raise the game to different heights.

Recently, Yella Beezy returned with the release of his new single to the masses. He released his new single, “Who Do,” to the masses. Yella Beezy dropped the video, where he is going back and forth with a beautiful woman. After making all of this money, Yella Beezy is dealing with real life, as he is battling with love. This is something most people can relate to.

Yella Beezy battles with love in Who Do video

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