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Yo Dogg and Cardo – “Baccwood” [VIDEO]


Yo Dogg and Cardo – “Baccwood” [VIDEO]

Yo Dogg and Cardo have united for Baccwood video

Yo Dogg may not be a name that people are familiar with. However, Cardo aka Cardo Got Wings is someone people should know. Over the past decade, Cardo has produced hits for many of the biggest names in the industry. While Yo Dogg is not a big name, yet, he is putting in the work to be included on that list.

Yo Dogg hails from the city of Atlanta. For the past twenty years, plus, Atlanta has been hip hop’s most successful city. So, Yo Dogg making noise in the city is not a surprise. There will always be an Atlanta rapper dominating the game. One thing is for sure, Yo Dogg is serious about being the next Atlanta rapper to blow up. To make it happen, Yo Dogg got Cardo to work with him.

Yo Dogg recently released “Baccwood” as his newest single. The song is a collaboration between Yo Dogg and Cardo. Together, Yo Dogg and Cardo have formed a duo. This song Yo Dogg and Cardo have released is only their first single. Later this year, Yo Dogg and Cardo will release an official project.

Yo Dogg and Cardo have united for Baccwood video

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