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YP Da Chaser – “Let Me Vent” [VIDEO]

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YP Da Chaser – “Let Me Vent” [VIDEO]

YP Da Chaser opens his soul on ATL streets in Let Me Vent video

Often people tell others to chase their dreams. On paper, that’s the ideal situation, but to chase dreams means encountering nightmares. Truthfully, life is hard enough just living a regular life, so going for more discourages most. However, YP Da Chaser has a dream that is paired with a talent that won’t be denied.

YP Da Chaser is a native of Atlanta, so he is in the right city, if not anything else. Over the past year, YP Da Chaser has seen a lot of success. Last year, YP Da Chaser dropped his “2 AM In Houston” single, which put him on the map. YP Da Chaser hasn’t looked back since he had his initial viral moment, so he’s working on much more.

Currently, YP Da Chaser is hard at work on his latest project. In 2021, YP Da Chaser established a partnership at the height of his run. Business was looking up for YP Da Chaser, so he partnered with EMPIRE. Through this EMPIRE partnership, YP Da Chaser returned with “Let Me Vent,” which is his latest single. YP Da Chaser dropped the music video for this track.

YP Da Chaser opens his soul on ATL streets in Let Me Vent video

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