Yung Joc completely shaves his head, after losing bet on Tory Lanez trial [VIDEO]

Yung Joc shaves head after losing Tory Lanez trial bet 

Yung Joc is still making noise in his hometown of Atlanta, as he is one of the biggest radio personalities in the city. He’s a host on Streets 94.5, which is also one of the most popular radio stations in Atlanta.

In a recent VladTV interview, Joc revealed what he made a bet with his 94.5 cohosts, that he would shave his head if Tory Lanez was found guilty in  Tory Lanez’s Megan Thee Stallion shooting trial. Joc initially believed that the case would eventually lead to a mistrial. However, Tory was found guilty on all three felony charges, and is facing 22 years in prison.

As a result, Joc kept his word about shaving his head. On Tuesday, he showed up to Streetz 94.5 with a completely shaven head.

Joc’s cohost, Jazzy McBee, was completely surprised to see that Joc actually went through with this, as he was still all smiles. Joc did believe that his hair will go on to grow back quickly, though.

Check out Yung Joc showing off his new bald head after losing his Tory Lanez trial bet, below.


Yung Joc shaves head after losing Tory Lanez trial bet 

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