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Yus Gz – “Face of the Bronx” [VIDEO]


Yus Gz – “Face of the Bronx” [VIDEO]

Yus Gz declares himself Face of the Bronx in new video

Yus Gz is a young artist from The Bronx that is showing promise. New York City is the birthplace of hip hop, specifically The Bronx. Early in the days of hip hop, The Bronx stood up and let it be known hip hop was born there. Nearly fifty years later, rappers are still emerging from the borough. Among the latest to emerge is Yus Gz, who is trying to make it happen.

On social media, Yus Gz has had a bit of an impact. But, Yus Gz is doing incredibly massive numbers on YouTube. When it comes to actually being an artist, he is one of the most-popular rising rappers in the game. There was a lot of audacity with his latest single release, but with the numbers he’s doing it, he’s living up to the name.

Yus Gz returned with the music video for his single, “Face of the Bronx.” Over the Christmas weekend, he released the video for his newest single. On his previous effort, Yus Gz did over 800,000 views in just a little under a month. Earlier this month, he dropped his latest project, We Been Ready, where this single can be found.

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