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Nathan McAlister, from OGPay, explains how his company is transforming money management | HHV Exclusive
Nathan from OGPay explains the banking app and crypto wallet


Nathan McAlister, from OGPay, explains how his company is transforming money management | HHV Exclusive

Nathan from OGPay explains the banking app and crypto walletNathan from OGPay explains the banking app and crypto wallet

When people began doing business online, online banking became the new gold rush. During the early days, there was only one game in town. Now there are several online banking apps. OGPay is the one that is showing itself as most in tune with the industry.

Nathan McAlister is the Chief Diversity Operator of OGPay. The company has been around since 2018, but is becoming well known now. In recent years, OGPay has seen a rise in popularity. An increasing number of people are using it for their online banking.

Recently, Nathan McAlister spoke to about OGPay.

Nathan from OGPay explains the banking app and crypto wallet

Read the entire interview below:

Nathan on how OGPay started:

Nathan, you have a long history in the entertainment business, you’ve done it all. Can you tell us about OG Pay?

OGPay is transforming money management. It is a banking app and crypto wallet that is a secure and cost-efficient way to use your money around town and around the world. You can send and receive money globally for free, pay for goods and services in person and online. Also, you can pay bills, buy and sell digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and ripple. The platform is available in multiple languages and currencies. The sign up is fast.

What made you decide to get involved and represent this venture? 

The opportunity to help people in their financial lives. The top guy, Paul Caldwell, made me realize how passionate he was about creating something to help people. He wanted to help save people from traditional banking. I wanted to be a part of something different. My belief is that OGPay will be the difference.

Nathan on what makes OGPay different:

There are many cash sharing applications popping up now pretty often. What separates OG Pay from the others?

OGPay has no overdraft fees, allows you to earn 2% on your money and hold your crypto and NFTs in the same wallet. It is a worldwide app so there are no country barriers, like the other apps have. You can’t use the other apps outside of America. With OGPay, you can.

You can transfer money to other users for free, or to any bank account worldwide for as low as $1.

Users have access to a physical and virtual debit card, where they can transfer money to their friends on CashApp and Venmo for free.

Many times people are skeptical when apps like these launch. How did you all conquer this when first bringing it to the general public?

OGPay has been around since 2018. It has done well with various markets across the world, such as the Middle East and Latin America. There are over 300,000 active users and many of those users use OGPay to send money to family and business associates, along with bill pay. With anything you just have to keep operating and getting better. Answering those that question the organization and the service never letting them down in the end.

Nathan on OGPay’s goals for 2022:

Being the Chief Diversity Officer, what will be the main goals for 2022 for OG Pay?

To help more people take control of their money management. Start educating those that want and need the knowledge and giving people more access to the services they want and need.

Do you all plan to do business with any influential hip hop figures?

Yes, but we are looking to work with people who are active in the communities at the moment. Our thought process is to spend the money with everyday people, instead of just the celebs. There is a referral program that allows users to earn money for referring new users. We are also looking to do sponsorships of organizations, recording artist, visual artists, creatives, community leaders and anyone who is doing something worthwhile in the community.

Nathan on hip hop figures getting into tech:

How does it feel to see hip hop figures like Nas and Jay-Z getting into tech?

It’s good to see Nas and Jay get involved in good businesses. I love it. We have to make sure we spell out what generational wealth is and how to get truly get it. I am looking for individuals and organizations that teach financial literacy and wealth building to put on events around the country teaching the people and empowering them. At OGPay we want to be on the ground helping the community get empowered with their money management.

How to connect with Nathan and OGPay:

What will the general consumers gain from using OGPay?

They get a no nonsense app that will not ‘nickel & dime’ them for using it and allows them to earn 2% on their monies in the account every 30 days. We are also adding new features to help with financing and credit improvement.

How can fans connect with you on social media?

Well, you can follow me through all social media by following @iamfrankswisher (my music production pseudonym lol) and you can check out OGPay and learn more by going to our official website.

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