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Opinions Welcome: Ransom vs. Nicki Minaj


Opinions Welcome: Ransom vs. Nicki Minaj

RansomEspecially when it comes to New York rappers, when they reach a certain level of success, they are faced with opposition. In the case of Nicki Minaj, she continues to get hit and for no apparent reason. The latest rapper to call Nicki Minaj out was Ransom, who claimed he has ghostwritten for Nicki Minaj.

Yesterday, TMZ asked Nicki Minaj about this and she sounded off on Ransom. Among other things, Nicki Minaj said she is better than Ransom, something New Jersey natives have taken offense to. On Twitter, Nicki Minaj fans showed up to defend her, but Ransom had his fan support on Facebook.

On Twitter, a supporter of Nicki Minaj claimed she has never used a ghostwriter and writes all of her own records. Nicki Minaj re-tweeted the kind message and agreed with her follower, prompting a Ransom response. Quite the debate is building on social media over Nicki Minaj and Ransom.

Clearly, Ransom is the underdog in this situation and his fans have treated him as such. But, everyone has overlooked one major tidbit in this story, Ransom started it. There is a debate to be had and there are a lot of topics from various angles that need to be touched upon in this debate of Ransom vs. Nicki Minaj. So, for starters, did Ransom ever ghostwrite for Nicki Minaj and if he did, is he right for telling everyone at the height of Nicki’s career?

In defense of her music and her work, Nicki Minaj hit hard and, among other things, she said she is better than Ransom and that he has not been relevant over the past five years. However, Ransom is considered a street legend and has held Jersey City down over the past TEN years. When it comes down to longevity and impact, can it be argued that Ransom is a more valuable star than Nicki Minaj, as she is in a sea of mainstream stars now that she crossed over and no one would argue that she “runs” New York.

On the other hand, every rapper in Jersey City will pay homage to Ransom for the work he put in. Whereas some rappers’ work gets noticed and picked up by a major label or a major artist, Ransom did not and he stayed local. But, for any rapper in New Jersey trying to come up, the ransom co-sign means everything. Now, with these debate topics in mind, what are people’s thoughts on this debate of Ransom vs. Nicki Minaj?

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