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Benzino – “Zino vs. The Planet”


Benzino – “Zino vs. The Planet”

Benzino takes on transgender rumors and 50 Cent on new song

Benzino is one of the most controversial figures of all time in hip hop. Once upon a time, Benzino was heavily involved with The Source. Often, Benzino speaks of that time when he had money and power. A few times, Benzino said if Forbes was calculating the richest rappers, he probably would have topped the list. At its height, The Source was worth $200 million. When The Source crumbled, Benzino was blamed for it.

In Boston, Benzino is known for his work in the community and his music career. Benzino was a member of Almighty RSO in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Being a member of RSO led to Benzino meeting Dave Mays and eventually getting involved with The Source. Benzino credits this for turning his life around. At the same time, Benzino used The Source to further his agenda against Eminem. Benzino historically lost that beef and is still criticized for that.

Benzino has had a rough week, even for his standards. Shauna Brooks, the well known transgender model, claims she and Benzino had a relationship. When this went viral, 50 Cent began clowning Benzino on Instagram. Aside from that, Benzino nearly sabotaged his daughter, Coi Leray’s, collaboration with Nicki Minaj. Benzino just needed to vent about all of that, so he dropped “Zino vs. The Planet.” On the song, Benzino goes in on everything people are saying about him.

Benzino takes on transgender rumors and 50 Cent on new song

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