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Pimptress returns with new project, “Pink Light Special”


Pimptress returns with new project, “Pink Light Special”

Pimptress returns with new project Pink Light Special

Flowing from Florida is Clearwater creative best known by Pimptress. The multifaceted musician serves as a singer-songwriter and rhymer with a rapidly rising reputation. In fact, for many years, this trailblazing talent has been working hard to develop her own distinct sound in R&B and Hip-Hop. Pimptress has been penning her own rhymes and music, since she was 13 years old, growing up in the church choir.

Continuously honing her craft, Pimptress began performing at some of the biggest nightclubs in the Tampa Bay area by the age of 19. After receiving rave reviews following her shows, she began getting bookings from showcases to festivals, kids’ birthday party events and weddings, to opening for some of the biggest artists in the game.

Still performing and releasing music today, she has stacked up a sizable catalog of timeless music. As for her sizzling single, “Stackin Up,” she received over 7 million views and counting on Instagram in a short period of time. Most importantly, what’s even more inspiring is that she has been doing all of this on her own! Her talent paired with disciple and hustle has gone a way. Along with several YouTube music videos and a catalog of music streaming on all platforms.

Pimptress Is “Stackin Up” In Streams

Never giving up on her dream, Pimptress also believes in giving back to her community and has participated in numerous charity events, food drives, and so on to share her support. She promises to continue giving back to her community because it is very important to her. As a result of her artistry, Pimptress has traveled all over the world showcasing her musical talent and has no plans to let up anytime soon!

Overall, Pimptress is Florida’s fire female breakout star ready to take over the new year. Keep an eye out for her new clothing line, Pretty Entrepreneurz, which will be launching soon, and remember that MyGrindontStop merchandise is now available! Staying booked and busy, Pimptress also recently released her new R&B EP, Pink Light Special.

Pimptress returns with new project Pink Light Special

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