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Angry woman spits in McDonalds worker’s face [VIDEO]
Angry woman spits in McDonalds worker's face

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Angry woman spits in McDonalds worker’s face [VIDEO]

Angry woman spits in McDonalds worker’s face

The audacity of people never ceases to amaze and this week, it’s been in overdrive. In America, the fast food industry has become a struggle. Many restaurants are still using the lockdowns as a reason for poor service. Meanwhile, the customers are rightfully fed up. However, the employees are caught in the middle of needing their jobs, but being mostly underpaid. Still, people continue harming other people. A woman came into McDonalds and showed a male employee the ultimate disrespect by spitting on him.

Again, doing fast food is not all that fast, and sometimes the meals are not properly prepared. While this is frustrating, there are ways to handle this. Never is it wise to get too confrontational with a person in charge of preparing food. More importantly, it’s best to never mistreat or disrespect another human being. None of those suggestions have ever stopped people from behaving badly, however. Some just act worse than others.

Yesterday saw yet another McDonalds fiasco. This time, there is a video of a woman who is harassing a male employee. The woman said she had been in the store a few times and wasn’t served. In turn, the man tells her that he will not serve her. As a result, the woman became increasingly confrontational towards the man. This resulted in her actually spitting on him. After that, the man said he was calling the police on her. That is where the video ends.


Angry woman spits in McDonalds worker’s face

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