Blac Chyna is reportedly making $20 million per month, on Only Fans

Blac Chyna makes $20 million per month on Only Fans 

Over the past several years, Only Fans has arguably been the biggest content subscription service, on the internet. It was originally intended to be a simple content subscription platform, but soon, people turned it into a website where other subscribe to sexual content.

Many women earn thousands of dollars on Only Fans, and some even make millions. This is the case for Blac Chyna, who is reportedly making $20 million per month, according to Variety. This came from a list of the highest Only Fans-earners, from 2021. The second spot is held by Bella Thorne, who makes $11 million per month. The third spot is held by Cardi B, with a monthly earning of 9.34 million. Cardi reportedly posts other behind the scenes content though, that doesn’t focus on sexual posts.

Only Fans creators in 2021 overall, earned a total of $3.9 billion. Only Fans’ net revenue also grew to 160%, which is up from $932 million. The numbers of creators on Only Fans also increased 34% in 2021, to 2.16 million. Only Fans continue to be popular for other artists as well, including Rubi Rose, who is supposedly pulling in $300,000, per month.

Blac Chyna makes $20 million per month on Only Fans 

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