Charleston White shoots a man during a robbery attempt in Atlanta [VIDEO]

Charleston White shoots man during an attempted robbery

Charleston White has become one of the most controversial people on the internet. Over the past two years, he has morphed into a leading social commentator. Initially, his claim to fame was that of a comedian. When he began doing interviews, Charleston White began going viral. As a result, more outlets have been booking him. Aside from that, he has people coming for him. Recently, some guys tried to rob him in Atlanta, but he fended them off by shooting at them.

Charleston White recently leaked the rumors that he got beaten. The internet personality leaked the story of him being pistol whipped while getting a haircut. As a result, social media ran rampant with this story. In addition, Charleston White shared a video of himself with what looked like a blackened eye. It all ended up being a joke, however. White would later speak out, laughing about the situation, saying he made it all up.

Charleston White was in Atlanta when some guys tried to rob and jump him. Due to the graphic nature of the video, it’s unavailable on this site. However, the video is available on Twitter/X with a simple search of White’s name. In this video clip, a group of guys were wrestling on Charleston White, and he fought them off. While this was taking place, he ended up getting his weapon, and he opened fire on the guys.

Charleston White shoots man during an attempted robbery

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