DDG runs into Jaidyn Alexis working a fast food job, after Blueface left her

DDG finds Jaidyn Alexis working fast food job after Blueface split

DDG has become one of the most discussed names on the internet, which is a major accomplishment. He was an aspiring rapper. As a result, he launched his YouTube channel. The popularity he amassed allowed him to build a fan base and a career. After that, he wound up involved with Halle Bailey. With her rising star, DDG has morphed into a superstar, just from being popular. Recently, he went to a fast food joint for a quick lunch, and he ran into Jaidyn Alexis serving the food.

DDG is one of many talented people coming from the city of Detroit. Over the past decade, numerous rappers from Motown have risen to fame. In addition, some of these rappers have gotten signed, and made major impacts on the game. While DDG has not seen that kind of success, in the music industry, he has found it as an influencer. Just being an influencer has opened all kinds of doors for him, as a celebrity.

DDG shares his style of influence with another rapper in Blueface. Last year, he and Halle Bailey did a a double date with Blueface and Chrisean Rock. After that date, speculation began about Chrisean being pregnant. Since that time, Blueface’s whole life has been a whirlwind. Meanwhile, DDG has continued to rise as a star. When DDG went out for a quick lunch, he went to a fast food place and found Jaidyn Alexis, the mother of Blueface’s oldest child, taking his order.


DDG finds Jaidyn Alexis working fast food job after Blueface split

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