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Grandparents of 9-year-old Ezra Blount say that Travis Scott’s $5 million donations are a “publicity stunt”
Astroworld Festival victims's attorney slams Travis Scott for driving Bugatti

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Grandparents of 9-year-old Ezra Blount say that Travis Scott’s $5 million donations are a “publicity stunt”

Ezra Blount’s grandparents call out Travis Scott

This week, Travis Scott announced his Project HEAL initiative, which helps various groups of people. This includes HBCU scholarships through his Webster Scholarship Fund, assisting students with free mental health programs, as well as helping to make sure concerts are safe for fans. This comes after his deadly Astroworld Festival which resulted in over 300 injuries and 10 deaths in Houston, in November.

One of the Astroworld Fest victims, was 9-year-old Ezra Blount. He sustained severe injuries after he fell off of his father’s shoulders, in the middle of the chaos of the crowd. Ezra went on to suffer brain, kidney and liver trauma.

Ezra’s grandmother, Terecia Blount, now believes that Travis is simply trying to clear his name to “sway the jurors” and his initiatives are publicity stunts.

“It’s a PR stunt. He’s pretty much trying to sway the jurors before they’re even assembled,” Blount said to Rolling Stone. “He’s trying to make himself look good, but it doesn’t look that way to someone with our eyes. What we’re seeing is that he’s done wrong, and now he’s trying to be the good guy and trying to give his own verdict on safety.”

Bernon Blount, Ezra’s grandfather, also chimed in. He also believes that every time Travis gives back, that it’s just to get into the good graces of the public.

“Every time he does something like this, it’s an ongoing reminder.”

A few days ago on Instagram, Travis spoke on Project HEAL, where he explained how he’s been taking the time and space to grieve, over the last several months. The Houston rapper added that he wants to step up in times of need, and wants to create safe spaces and create opportunities for the youth.

Ezra Blount’s grandparents call out Travis Scott

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