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Josh Stone talks “Angels All Around Me” single release | HHV Exclusive

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Josh Stone talks “Angels All Around Me” single release | HHV Exclusive

Josh Stone talks Angels All Around Me single release

Josh Stone is a unique figure in the industry. When he rose to fame, Stone was a professional athlete. In the end, that situation led him to making music. Now, Josh Stone is working on his debut album. In addition, he has one of the most promising independent record labels in hip hop.

Josh Stone recently released his project, Therapy Sessions, to much fanfare. Already, he has had some successful songs from the new EP. Currently, he has his single, “All Around Me,” which he released exclusively via

Josh Stone spoke to about his new music. During the interview, he discussed the new single, and went onto talk about his business ventures.

Josh Stone talks Angels All Around Me single release

Read the entire interview below:

Josh Stone on Therapy Sessions and the songs:

What’s good Josh Stone, Thanks for speaking with So let’s get right into it, you released your EP, Therapy Sessions, earlier in the year, for the fans what’s the meaning behind the title? When I was at the lowest point of my life, losing my career as a top prospect in the NHL due to a career ending injury, having five shoulder surgeries, losing my best friend at only age 19, losing my grandpa, losing one of my best friends younger sister at the time to gun violence it was all these loses. I was sitting there with one shoulder and music saved my life because it became my escape. Therapy Sessions is the title because I had no other way to express my feelings and emotions. It became therapy. The microphone and beats became my therapist and escape. So we named it therapy sessions.

Josh Stone on “Feel My Pain” track:

On the start off track “Feel My Pain” you have a line where you say “I’m making hits like Drake but a businessman like Hov.” So is it obvious you have influence from both of those legends? I say making hits like Dre and a businessman like HOV. But if people hear Drake, that’s cool for music purposes. Dre and Hov definitely inspired me before I ever was in the music industry by listening to them before games. Now, after the last fifteen years, I definitely have business models similar to theirs. I just respect both Dre and Hov tremendously as artists, producers, businessmen, and human beings.

Josh Stone on “Play For Keeps:”

“Play for Keeps” is definitely signature Heatmakerz. It gives off early 2000s Diplomatic Immunity vibes, Cam, Jim Jones and Juelz. What’s it like working with The Heatmakerz and what gave you the idea to get them behind this project? I worked with Rsonist the whole project. When you’re working with different artists/producers, there’s either an energy right away, or that you develop. Or it doesn’t happen at all. Me and Rsonisit were initially only supposed to do one song which was “Feel My Pain.” But after we saw how one another worked and we’re on the same page it was seamless.

We knocked out “Play for Keeps” in 48 minutes. It was a mutual respect. I got the idea to reach out to Heatmakerz (Rsonist) after I was with Capo (Jim Jones) in LA and I really like how “El Capo” sounded and not just from a standpoint of lyrics, or musically. But there was a feeling of relatability and was sequenced very well. Also, I know if I can capture a feeling and tell my own story the song/project would be successful, because there’s nothing more dangerous than an authentic person. Rsnonsit and I are very similar in the fact that we are who we are in any room and won’t apologize for it.

Josh Stone on “Gametime:”

You definitely put in some work, over the years, and paid dues. That is quite clear on “Gametime,” which you explain if you want to pop, you gotta put that work in. The record with Joell Ortiz, “All I Know,” was dope as well. On this record “All I Know” you get personal into your life. The ups and downs in the industry, your injury, questioning God and much more. What made you open up on this record? I knew that Joell is lyrically a beast. Being signed to Eminem, I knew he was going to bring those bars and I was up first because he’s the vet. So I just had to black out and go remember saying to myself “if I was to die, what would I want the world to know about me in this one verse and capture the moment.”

It was dope also because I respect Joell as an artist and lyricist but he’s also a dope person and it’s always positive vibes and energy when we are around one another. When we’re not talking hip hop or sports, we’re talking “South Park” or “Family Guy.” He killed his verse and I did what I had to do. Also, my artist Ariel Pearl is on the hook, which she was added last to make the record have the feeling it needed.

Josh Stone on “Blessed:”

You have a line on “Blessed” that goes “Remembering the nights that I spent in Central Bookings.” Do you mind giving some insight? While I was in this “transition” stage of my life and I use that word in the sense of careers nothing else, I was arrested in every borough. I remember being in central bookings in NYC after being arrested for a couple pounds of weed and having to stay over the weekend. This is like 2010 or 2011 and I just remember looking at the sky and saying a silent prayer to my angels to please show me the way.

Josh Stone on “Angels All Around Me:” Josh Stone on “Happy Now:”

Your latest singles, “Angels All Around Me” and “Happy Now”, follow the theme of Therapy Sessions in touching on more personal topics than your previous releases. Why did you choose to make these recent releases more personal? So people can relate. I did this because music is impersonal these days. All sounding the same, with the same face tats and people aren’t saying anything. And I’m authentic to who I really am. “Happy Now” is a record I did when I was in a great mood and there should always be a balance to the art of making music.

“Angels All Around Me” is how I was feeling another day, because before I recorded that record I was around Jungle (Nas’ Brother) who I had mutual ties with from Queens from Nas’ original camp of someone who just passed. Chris Lighty’s cousin, AB, was in there who reps JB Smoove. Mr. Chris Lighty is the reason/one of the reasons I’m where I am today. Rsonist was there, who had lost Fred The Godson, I can’t explain it but the energies and frequencies were heaven sent. And I was reading between the lines of what my angels and God were showing me and that they were there just not in human form.

Josh Stone on dealing with loss:

Your new single, “Angels All Around Me,” was written about a recent loss you have experienced. Do you have advice for others who are dealing with loss of their friends or family, or something you want people to take away from the song? My advice is take your time through the process. Everyone handles grief differently and has their own beliefs. My true advice is don’t do anything illegal to numb the pain. Everyone grieving process is different, but I have come to accept that there is life after death and like Nas says It Was Written.

Josh Stone on being an independent artist:

Being an indie artist is a crazy grind, but what’s the endgame going into 2023? Major deal, selling out shows and so on? Being thankful for my blessings. I’ve been in this industry along time from A&R-ing artists, to producing artists, to now having my first album out and hit the iTunes charts at number eight.

I’m thankful for my family and my team Real Vibez Only. Right now, I am just creating leverage for the right “major partner,” as we could have done deals, but it needs to be the right situation and numbers. Shows I was blessed enough to open up for Lloyd Banks on his COTI tours. As well as SXSW and shows in London. I’m looking forward to releasing a new project called, The Prelude, which should be dropping March 17th 2023. Also, I’m working with RVO artists Ariel Pearl, Swiv Da Done, Relly Reallz, St.Rose and producing/branding them to have successful careers as well. There’s no stopping until I feel satisfied.

Final message:

Do you have a final message for fans and how can they stay updated? Stay true to yourself. Smoke Saucey, don’t get face tattoos, and follow me on @Iamjoshstone on all socials and the company website is for the latest updates! Keep the vibes real, if you can. Not many can! Thank you 🤞🏼

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